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Automatically switching the default browser

📅 2022-05-07🔃 2022-07-25⏳ 3 min read

I use two browsers in my daily life: Chromium for work-related stuff and Firefox for everything else. This helps me to keep a strict separation between these two worlds, including: logins, bookmarks, history, settings (e.g. proxy, synchronization), etc. Let’s see how to make a default browser switch automatically to the correct one.


Switching tabs in Firefox with a mouse wheel

📅 2022-05-02⏳ 5 min read

I prefer to switch tabs in my browser with a mouse wheel and this is an important part of my workflow. It’s so much easier to shove a mouse pointer to the top of a screen and do a single scroll rather than reaching for a keyboard to press Crtl+PgUp/Down or hunting the desired tab with a cursor. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in Firefox by default… Let’s see if we can fix this!


6 linux daemons for better desktop experience

📅 2019-07-19🔃 2022-05-26⏳ 7 min read

Linux is a great OS, but its default behavior is usually optimized for servers. Since more and more developers use it as their main operating system, I thought that it would be nice to share several useful daemons that will make this experience a bit smoother.