Software Development

Here I put some notes, cool discoveries, and other technical stuff. Just like the rest of the blog, it is mostly for me, but if you’ll find this interesting, I’d be super happy!

Looking for a perfect file storage

📅 2023-05-18⏳ 5 min read

I’ve been searching for an ultimate file hosting for quite some time and finally found it! Let’s go through this journey together.

Our goal is to find a file storage solution which is:

  • Cheap
  • Reliable
  • Will be alive in 10 years if left unattended

It would be a dream, right?


How to control your PC from a TV remote?

📅 2021-08-24🔃 2023-04-22⏳ 4 min read

I have a modern LG TV connected to a PC via HDMI. I use this setup for coach-based gaming and watching movies. However, the latter has a major usability issue: you can’t just pause playback with a TV remote, you need a mouse or a keyboard nearby. Because of this I have to use a wireless mouse and keyboard, but there should be a better way of doing this, right?


Automatically switching the default browser

📅 2022-05-07🔃 2022-07-25⏳ 3 min read

I use two browsers in my daily life: Chromium for work-related stuff and Firefox for everything else. This helps me to keep a strict separation between these two worlds, including: logins, bookmarks, history, settings (e.g. proxy, synchronization), etc. Let’s see how to make a default browser switch automatically to the correct one.


6 linux daemons for better desktop experience

📅 2019-07-19🔃 2022-05-26⏳ 7 min read

Linux is a great OS, but its default behavior is usually optimized for servers. Since more and more developers use it as their main operating system, I thought that it would be nice to share several useful daemons that will make this experience a bit smoother.


Switching tabs in Firefox with a mouse wheel

📅 2022-05-02⏳ 5 min read

I prefer to switch tabs in my browser with a mouse wheel and this is an important part of my workflow. It’s so much easier to shove a mouse pointer to the top of a screen and do a single scroll rather than reaching for a keyboard to press Crtl+PgUp/Down or hunting the desired tab with a cursor. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in Firefox by default… Let’s see if we can fix this!


Sign commits with GPG

📅 2021-08-21⏳ 6 min read

GPG is a very complex tool. However, to sign git commits you only need a handful scope of it. This post will show you how to set up and manage your GPG keys with ease.